graphic design & calligraphy



A connection of pen to paper, of brush to canvas, of pixel to pixel. But first, a connection of thoughts, of ideas, of people; a connection is made to create something new, something that did not exist before. 

Whether you are interested in a custom designed suite or calligraphy for your wedding or event or have an idea for a new brand, product, or company, Made Line Studio works with you to create artwork that embodies your partnership and vision.




I grew up in the lovely land of Minnesota and studied graphic design, studio art, and entrepreneurship at Miami University in Ohio. Creating art has always been my passion, and calligraphy has given me the beautiful intersection of my love for typography and creating with my hands.

I love spending my time at museums with my Dad, at coffee shops with my friends, and at my home making art or cooking food. I absolutely love meeting new people and would love to connect with you to bring your wedding, event, or brand to be seen and appreciated by others.

Thank you for giving me your time!